Monday, July 28, 2008

The Making of an Apostle

Thousands in Los Angeles and perhaps millions around the world witnessed a remarkable event last week.

No, it wasn’t an eclipse of the sun; nor did parts of California flake off into the Pacific.

But it might have been just as significant.

What, you ask, did we witness?

It was the Apostle’s Affirmation Service of Dr. Frederick K.C. Price at Crenshaw Christian Center.

The service was the culmination of the annual Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries convention. Dr. Price is the founder and president of the organization, familiarly known as FICWFM, which ended on July 25th.

My guess is that about 7,000 people were in attendance, thousands more watched it over the Internet and, perhaps, millions more over the Word Channel, which we were told was broadcasting the event live.

If you don’t know Dr. Price from his Ever Increasing Faith television broadcast, the next questions might well be, Do you live on this planet? Or are you a Christian?

I had never seen such a thing before.

I had never seen Dr. Price involved in such pomp

It was different. It was well done, and it stopped well short of being overblown.

Before the Apostle-Designate (Dr. Price) appeared, several things preceded him.

There was the first procession, consisting of flags, young candle-lighters, Knights of the Kingdom (male pastors), the Bible-bearer, the Cross-bearer, the Torch-bearers, and the Crozier-bearer.

A second procession consisted of deacons, ministers, elders, visiting clergy, visiting prelates, the Apostolic Honor Guard, members of FICWFM, and the FICWFM board.

Next, came the Episcopal Cross-bearer, the Acolytes with the Apostle’s Appointment, the Apostle-Designate, the Co-consecrators, the chaplain to the Presiding Bishop, and the Chief Consecrator.

The Apostle-Designate wore a beautiful Roman cassock and was presented with a Bible, a tippet (a symbol of the preaching scarf), and a ring (a symbol of authority). He was also given a crozier (a staff as a symbol of the Shepherd’s office).

It was by turns joyous and moving.

My, what a fine picture-book it would make!

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