Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Coffee, My Kindle, and Me sells books, but a device it is hawking now might eliminate the use of all but a few in the future.

For readers looking to create more space in their homes, this may be an answer.

“Look, Mom, no bookshelves!”

Amazon Kindle is a wireless, portable reading device that gives instant access to more than 140,000 books, blogs, newspapers, and magazines, according to Amazon, which markets everything from electronics to general merchandise.

Readers can access a virtual library of reading material whether they are in bed, on a train, or lazing at the beach.

Just think of a book and it appears – for a charge.

The device itself costs $359.00.

The company recently announced that a number of large Christian publishers “have committed to making the majority of their catalogs of books available to Kindle owners by the end of 2008.”

These publishers include Strang Communications, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, Erdmans, Zondervan, and others.

Kindle was introduced in November, with 90,000 titles available.

More are being added every day, the company says.

“Kindle books are available for wireless download in less than 60 seconds, and the New York Times best sellers and new releases are $9.99 or less on Kindle, unless marked otherwise,” the company says.

For those addicted to the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal before they roll out in the morning – simply get up, grab your coffee, and scan them on Kindle.

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