Friday, November 26, 2010

From Here to Prosperity

How God Took Me From $300 to $30,000 a Month … Overnight! by Harold J. Perkins (Vision Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9762730-8-0, $10.99)

One characteristic of good men is that they “man up” when the chips are down.

So it was with Harold J. Perkins.

With an injury ending his professional baseball career, followed by several failed attempts at sales, Perkins found himself broke, busted and disgusted. Rather than run for the hills, blame his family, or pin his misfortune on bad karma, Perkins looked inward. He realized that no matter what, it was still his duty as the head of the family to provide, so he sought God for help.

But we’re jumping ahead of the story.

Perkins acknowledges in How God Took Me … that his teen years weren’t exactly ideal. He writes:

As a young teenager, I had been involved in alcohol, drug-taking and drug selling. From ages thirteen to seventeen I don’t think there was a day when I wasn’t high on something. I had gone from a kid that was very active in athletics -- football, basketball, and baseball -- to the point where the most strenuous form of physical exercise I got was running from the police. I was either on my way to jail or an early grave, but God interrupted the enemy’s plan in a powerful way.

One day while getting high with friends in his mother’s living room, God intervened. Suddenly, Perkins was out of his body and lifted above the room, witnessing everything below in slow motion. Then a life-changing thought occurred to Him:

“Is this all you’re going to do for the rest of your life?” his mind inquired.

After a few minutes, he announced to his friends: “You guys have to get out!”

As far as we know that group hasn’t been back. Perkins stopped using drugs and hanging out. He returned to high school and resumed his participation in athletics. After junior college, he transferred to California State University, Los Angeles, and was later drafted by the Dodgers.

Perkins says that during his years in both the minors and big leagues he got heavily into the Word. After the baseball injury, he eventually joined Crenshaw Christian Center and feasted on Dr. Frederick K.C. Price’s teachings on prosperity. Still, eleven years later, he was so bad off that his kids would duck on their way to church because they didn’t want to be seen riding in the family’s beat-up car.

Perkins writes:

I understood enough about the heart of God to know that the problem was with me, not with Him, however. … I could have easily thrown in the towel and quit, but I got desperate for a solution because I knew the answer was with God. I went on a three-day fast with the attitude that I was willing to do anything God told me to do …


That was the opening God was waiting for. God spoke three principles to him that changed his financial life almost immediately.

I would do the author a great disservice if I revealed the three principles God gave him without giving you the chance to buy the book and read them and the many other gems of wisdom for yourself. Suffice it to say that God led him to a series of positions that each prospered him immensely.

With a lucrative job raising venture capital about to play out, Perkins began looking for work at another office. But he kept hearing inside that he should work from his apartment. “Finally, I realized that it was God speaking to me, even though it seemed to make no sense,” but he began to take steps to work from home. He had a phone line put in and went out and bought a $300 fax machine.

As soon as the line was in God showed up,” Perkins writes. Within a few months of his act of obedience, the $300 investment was pulling in $30,000 a month.

Of course, there is a much more to this book than what can be put into this review. Perkins, an entrepreneur and ordained minister, shares wonderful insights on such subjects as hearing God’s voice, the importance of walking in love and obedience, and meditation as the foundation for blessing.

Above all, How God Took Me From $300 to $30,000 a Month … Overnight! proves that prosperity is not such a distant place when you’re traveling with the Lord.

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